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Singapore seems to have it all. The city is clean and safe, with breezy spots and good infrastructure. People are generally well educated, the population is diverse, and it is the 5th most popular destination for expats. Government agencies are transparent, policies are friendly to entrepreneurs, and the official business language is English. It’s also rich, with a GDP per capita (purchasing power) twice the size of Denmark

From a startup point of view, Singapore has some obvious attractions. Key to Singapore’s global success has been its focus on innovation, and its ability to attract foreign direct investment. Today Singapore has a strong talent-base, and is a global financial center, attracting startups far and wide to raise capital.

For more information, check out and download our ecosystem report below.

Reasons to go
  • An ideal stepping-stone to Southeast Asia with English as the business language and the opportunity for foreigner to own 100% of their companies with no local partners
  • A financial powerhouse with good options for funding
  • Abundant amount of local talent
  • A business-friendly regulation with special tax exemption schemes for startups.
Key sectors
  • Fintech, Blockchain, Maritime
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