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Friendly pitch competition: Korea vs. Denmark

Partners: Innovation Center Denmark (Seoul), Maritime Development Center
Title: Friendly pitch competition: Korea vs. Denmark
Date: September 19th, 15:00-16:45
Venue: Scene Room, H15 (TechBBQ side event)


TechBBQ is Scandinavia’s largest startup & innovation summit, which in 2019 will gather more than 7,000 Danish, Nordic and International tech entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators of tomorrow. TechBBQ takes place over 2 days in the historic heart of Copenhagen, creating local and global networks to drive growth for startups and scaleups. 

At this year’s event, 5 Korean startups will speed pitch against 5 Danish startups in a friendly pitch competition in the maritime sector. The winners capture the DKK 5000 prize! Who comes out on top? Attendees at this event will also have the opportunity to taste some delicious Korean snacks from Kopan and network with people from the Danish and Korean startup ecosystems.


Startups from Korea:

  • Seadronix is an anti-collision monitoring system for ships. The AI-based autonomous marine navigation system saves cost and secures safety based on various learning data.  
  • Komachine is an online B2B platform for machines and tools that connects more than 40,000 machine suppliers from Korea with over three million global buyers. It supports four languages, allowing machine suppliers to get access to a global market.
  • Smart Ship Venture Technology provides a smart marine logistics integration platform. The smart marine logistics integrated platforms provide value by connecting shipbuilding, shipping and port industries based on blockchain and AI technologies 
  • JJ & Companies Inc. is a company that specializes in marine engineering and delivers various solutions within maritime automation. They have developed an automated control system for fish farms that builds on a gravity filter system. 
  • Haedong Engineering is an engineering company that supplies power distribution boards used in various areas, from factories to ships and railways. Haedong Engineering is taking a step further and expanding its scope to renewable energy using solar and wind power at sea.

Startups from Denmark:

  • SubBlue Robotics is developing a remote-controlled underwater robot that can clean propellers without the use of divers and with limited environmental impact. The clean propellers invention will lead to a higher fuel efficiency which will result in savings in the shipping industry. 
  • MiWire can provide internet in places where other solutions concede defeat. MiWire can offer an internet connection, via the mobile network, that is up to 10 times faster than the connection you get with a mobile phone or traditional mobile modem.
  • BW Monitor has developed a ballast water monitoring system that can supervise the ballast water treatment system on ships and give an alarm in case of a malfunction.
  • Scoutbase is a tool that helps shipping companies become safer, more productive and generally better workplaces. Scoutbase, develops a digital tool that improves safety at sea by creating real-time insights into the ship’s daily challenges of safety and productivity.
  • Marine Performance Systems fabricates an air lubrication system that makes large vessels glide through water on air bubbles, reducing fuel consumption, lowering emissions and preventing fouling.