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Taming Shenzhen: A prototyping toolkit

Partners: nHack, Troublemaker, NCSF

Title: Taming Shenzhen; A prototyping toolkit

Date: September 18, 14:00-15:30

Venue: H15 (TechBBQ side event)

Shenzhen is intimidating, but as a global manufacturing hub, the payoffs of plugging into the rapid prototyping ecosystem are huge. This event introduces you to key players in the China Bay Area who can help you take the first steps to cheaply and rapidly iterate and optimize your product in the world’s most advanced hardware ecosystem.

Meet the investors, hackerspaces, startup consultancies, accelerators, and factories who can help you navigate into the Chinese manufacturing ecosystem and avoid pitfalls along the way.


  • Mathias Otero – Nordic China Startup Forum
  • Henk Werner – Troublemaker
  • Morten Brandtoft – nHack
  • Others TBC