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Shell E4

Shell E4 was established in 2017 and presently has completed two rounds with 5 and 10 Indian startups. Now with the launch of the International Track they are also looking for foreign B2B startups within energy-related sectors, including electric mobility, renewable energy, biofuels, technology in energy such as blockchain & IoT, smart grids & microgrids, waste to value technologies. The International Track is flexible with a running in-take.

A key aspect of the support is access to world class lab infrastructure at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore. Shell also helps identify Proof of Concept pilots within the corporation, along with potential funding for its implementation.

According to Shell, one of its strongest value propositions is direct access to advanced laboratory facilities. Thus, one of the earlier startups printed two drones with onsite 3D-printing equipment. On the delicate question of IPR, the program aims to be startup friendly. Any IP independently created by the startup belongs to the startup.

Shell is working with a number of internal and external partners at for the E4 program including storytelling platform YourStory.