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About us…

We are a community-based initiative that connects the Nordic and Japanese startup ecosystems…

This is how we started: In 2018 we set out to map the main Asian innovation ecosystems from a Nordic perspective, identifying local stakeholders with an international focus, and opportunities specific to each ecosystem. The result was a series of reports on the main Asian ecosystems and string of related events in Copenhagen 2019. We also launched a TechBBQ pop-up event in Shenzhen, China. 

This is where we are heading: We want to create real partnerships in Asia, with a special focus on Japan. Why? Because we firmly believe that Japan right now provides the highest potential for Nordic startups and investors looking to Asia. Japanese investments to the Nordics have skyrocketed since 2013, and Nordic solutions have a particular resonance on the Japanese market. 

We are actively reaching out to Nordic partners who share our passion for startup ecosystems with a Japanese twist, and Japanese stakeholders who want to connect with the wider Nordic community. 

  • We create networks and facilitate contacts in the Nordics and Japan
  • We produce information on the two ecosystems, promoting the Nordics in Japan and vice versa
  • We host events and organize trips for startups and investors to Nordic and Japanese events

Innovation Lab Asia is a project collaboration between TechBBQ and Asia House, funded by the Danish Industry Foundation. We are firmly entrenched in the ecosystem community, and work closely with partners across the Nordics, including Copenhagen Capacity, Startup Norway, Enter Espoo, and Nordic Ninja. 

Feel free to contact us if you want to join, need a connection for your onward journey, or some information on either Japan or the Nordics. We are a non-profit undertaking, and provide our services free of charge.

Original project partners

Collaboration partners

NordicNinja VC
Copenhagen Capacity
Nordic Innovation House Tokyo
Startup Norway
Espoo Innovation Garden
Startup Bootcamp Osaka
Trusted ventures
Nordic China Startup Forum
Copenhagen Healthtech Hub
Nordic AI
Bird & Bird
Cluster Excellence Denmark